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Carpet Cleaning Marietta, GA

Carpet Cleaning Marietta, GA

Carpet Cleaning Marietta, GA

Zerorez®'s cleaning technology gets to the root of your carpet's fibers. The zr process™ eliminates the delamination caused by conventional hot water extraction cleaning methods by not penetrating the carpet's backing. Taking this approach to carpet cleaning keeps stains from rising up from beneath the padding - something that happens frequently after a traditional carpet cleaning. There is no one that cleans like we clean. If you want the best carpet cleaning for your home or office that Marietta has to offer, you can't beat our patented cleaning process.

The Revolutionary Zerorez Cleaning Process

The Zerorez® cleaning process is thorough. It has been lab-tested and proven to clean at the highest levels. When we come to clean, we don't just come to make your carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces look nice, but we come to kill bacteria and overall improve the cleanliness of your home. We begin our cleaning process with an essential step - pre-treatment. Pre-treatment helps us to clean your carpet more efficiently. We pre-treat your carpet with a non-toxic, food-grade enzyme that is safe for the environment, your children, and your pets. Our Pre-treatment eliminates unpleasant smells instead of simply masking them for a few hours or days. It also prepares the carpeted surface for the main cleaning using our patented wand by loosening dirt and grime that have a good hold on your carpet fibers. Using our wand, we clean your carpet with our Zr Water™️ solution. Our wand is designed to completely rinse the carpet fibers without ever flooding the carpet padding. When moisture sits in the carpet for an extended period of time, it creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. This not only damages the carpet padding but risks damage to the structure of the floor as well. To avoid any mold or mildew, after carpets are cleaned with water they need to be dried as quickly as possible. Here at Zerorez® Carpet Cleaning Marietta, we understand the importance of getting the moisture out of the carpet quickly. We have decreased our drying times to be up to 2X faster than our competitors so that you and your family can be back on your carpet and continuing your regular activities as fast as possible. Make your carpet cleaner with Zerorez®!

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, having clean carpets will improve the health of your home. Carpet is well known for holding onto dust particles, allergens, pet dander, and bacteria. When those particles go airborne, it can be especially concerning for the health of children, the elderly, or those with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues. When you vacuum, many of the allergens, bacteria, and dust particles are removed, but to remove all of them calls for a carpet cleaning done by the professionals. In addition to improving the airflow in your home, removing the unwanted particles in your carpet also reduces the risk of getting a cold or having other health problems. In areas such as Marietta where it is particularly hot and humid in the summers, carpet runs a high risk of developing mold. Having your carpets cleaned regularly by carpet cleaning Marietta GA Zerorez® professionals will help prevent mold growth.

Our unique cleaning method has the power to eliminate trapped pollutants, making your home safer and healthier. Our special Zr Water™️ formula and patented cleaning system are able to remove unwanted nasties that are deeply embedded and trapped in the fibers of your carpet. When we clean, we leave behind Zero Residue®, unlike many other carpet cleaning companies. With a clean by Zerorez® you can rest assured that we are using cleaning products and methods that are completely safe for you, your children, and your pets. Our technicians are experienced professionals that will make sure your carpets are cleaned properly, giving them a like-new appearance.

What Marietta is saying about Zerorez

7702421313 Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Varied

Highly Recommend

Extra care was given to remove pet stain and it came out quite well. Excellent company and staff. Highly recommend.

7702421313 Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Varied

Carpets look like new

 My severely child- and pet-stained carpets look like new and the house smells great! I had hoped for an improvement, but I never dreamed the results would be this good! Not only was the Zerorez employee a professional carpet cleaning magician, she taught me a lot about how to keep things looking good between visits! I call Zerorez once a year to keep the house looking good.

7702421313 Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Atlanta Varied

Outstanding in every way

We were very happy with the results of the carpet cleaning in our basement. Had a number of stains that we weren't sure would come out.

Destroy Unpleasant Odors from Pet Stains

Zerorez® has the answer to pet owners' number one concern of how to get pet odors out of their homes. Traditional carpet cleaners often only address the visible animal waste on top of the carpet but leave a much larger problem underneath the carpet. Traditional carpet cleaner companies simply mask remaining odors by spreading perfumes, oils or other odor masking agents, that offer only temporary results. This is traditionally done because they do not have a permanent solution for cleaning and eliminating odors in the carpet backing and pad, and the floor's subsurface. At Zerorez® Marietta, we have come up with a solution that will do much more than simply mask unpleasant smells. Our non-toxic, food-grade Zr Water™️ is simply made to destroy unpleasant smells permanently instead of just hiding them.

In some cases, a normal carpet cleaning process using our Zr Water™️ may be all that is needed, but in more severe cases where the urine has soaked through the carpeting packing and into the padding, more work may be required. We have a specialized method that helps us remove these difficult pet odors and stains. We attack the problem in your home from the bottom up, cleaning the subsurface, seal the floor, replace your carpet pad in extreme cases and of course use our highly effective natural enzyme that eats away the residue of your pet's accidents and eliminates odor permanently. Have your carpets cleaned by Zerorez® today! Zerorez® - The Smarter Way To Clean Carpets™.

Marietta, GA

Located just 20 miles northwest of Atlanta, the city of Marietta is considered to be one of Atlanta’s largest suburbs. On the Visit Marietta website, Marietta is advertised as “A lively community with vibrant history - and future.” There is truly a plethora of things to do and see in Marietta, GA. From a variety of locally-owned restaurants, beautiful parks and trails, to the city full of shopping venues, there is something for everyone in Marietta. One park worth visiting while in Marietta is the A.L Burruss Nature Park. This is a very green and beautiful park that has 3 different nature trails perfect for an afternoon stroll, a bike trail, and spaces with picnic tables that are perfect for an enjoyable lunch outdoors.

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