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What Surprises Did the Prior Residents Leave in Your Home?

What Surprises Did the Prior Residents Leave in Your Home?

If you reside in a pre-owned home, and have never had the air ducts properly cleaned, you may be surprised to learn what lies inside your ductwork.

Within your air ducts are dead skin cells from every prior inhabitant of your home. Remnants of people you have likely never met, as well as their pets, are caked to the inner walls of your air ducts. It's disgusting, but it's true.

We're all a little bit Flakey…

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and accounts for 5-10% of our total body weight. Skin acts as our body's armor and helps protect us from physical injury. It also blocks out the sun's radiation, harmful germs and other environmental toxins.

Because our skin takes a lot of abuse, it needs to constantly regenerate itself to keep us healthy. During the regeneration process, thousands upon thousands of skin cells flake off each day. On average, this adds up to more than eight pounds of dead skin per year…per person.

Since people spend a lot of time at home, this is the place where they lose a lot of dead skin. As these tiny skin particles become airborne, they get circulated throughout the home's ductwork. And the older the home, and the more people that have lived there, the more dried skin flakes the home has had circulating through it. And the more skin particles the home has accumulated in its air ducts.

Rover and Tabby shed more than Fur…

Humans aren't the only frequent shedders of skin. Dogs, cats, and other warm-blooded pets shed a great deal of dead skin, which is commonly referred to as dander.

It doesn't matter if the pet has short hair, long hair, sheds a lot of hair, or sheds a little hair. The amount of hair has nothing to do with the amount of dander; dander refers to flakes of dead skin. Also, older pets slough off more skin cells than younger pets, so the volume of dander in the home increases as the pet ages.

Just like human skin cells, pet dander is microscopic and can be transported easily throughout the home via the air ducts. As a result, dander enters the mucous membranes of the nose and lungs, triggering allergies and breathing difficulties. In fact, pet dander allergies are extremely common in people.

Now that I'm Totally Creeped Out, what can I Do?

Contact your Atlanta-area Zerorez right now to have your air duct system thoroughly cleaned. In addition to all those disgusting skin cells, we'll remove years of accumulated dirt, debris, and odors. And if the carpeting was there when you moved in, don't worry.

With Zerorez, you'll rest a lot easier knowing your living environment has been meticulously cleaned. You'll breathe a lot easier too. Call us today at (770) 242-1313.

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