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Traditional Carpet Cleaning vs. Green Carpet Cleaning

Traditional Carpet Cleaning vs. Green Carpet Cleaning

Pet Carpet CleaningTraditional methods of carpet cleaning involve the use of soaps, shampoos, detergents and even strong solvents to remove dirt and stains from carpet fibers. As such, Traditional cleaning agents generally contain harsh and toxic chemicals.

Conversely, Green methods of carpet cleaning avoid the use of soaps and chemicals, relying instead on environmentally-friendly cleansers and advanced technology to clean and freshen the carpet. Green cleaning agents are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

The Effect on Your Carpet…

This may surprise you, but the soaps and solvents used in Traditional carpet cleaning methods are actually difficult to remove from carpet fibers. Even after repeated rinses with a high-volume of hot water, a sticky residue will remain in the carpet. This is evident by the telltale "crunch" to the fibers when the carpet dries. Furthermore, this residue actually attracts dirt, causing your carpet to re-soil prematurely. So it isn't your imagination…your carpets actually do get dirty again faster when traditional soaps and shampoos are used.

Green carpet cleaning methods use very effective water-based solutions that can be removed completely during the cleaning process. There is no sticky residue left behind to attract dirt, so your carpet will feel soft and stay clean longer.

The Effect on You and Your Family…

Because Traditional carpet cleaning methods make use of harsh and powerful chemicals, direct contact may cause skin irritation to people and pets. In addition, lingering fumes can lead to headaches, dizziness and respiratory ailments. These strong chemicals also require a prolonged water rinse which can saturate the carpet and pad, leading to long drying times and bacteria growth.

Green carpet cleaning methods do not use dangerous chemicals. Rather, the cleansers are hypo-allergenic and safe for people and pets. There are no harmful fumes and the dirt and cleaning solution can be extracted quickly and thoroughly, which prevents saturation and allows for very quick drying times.

The Effect on the Environment…

In addition to the potential health concerns that Traditional cleaning chemicals can have on you and your family, they can also harm the environment. When a traditional cleaning job is complete, what does the technician do with the chemicals he or she just used on your carpet? Will they be properly transported and neutralized or merely poured down a drain? Will they eventually seep into the soil or end up polluting local streams and groundwater? These are important concerns…after all, we're talking about toxic substances.

Green carpet cleaning methods make use of natural, earth-friendly solutions - not toxic chemicals. You do not have to worry about any harmful consequences because the water-based cleaners are completely bio-degradable and safe for the environment.

When it comes to Green carpet cleaning, Zerorez is the industry leader. We never use harsh detergents or toxic chemicals. Instead, we engineer an electrolyzed and oxidized water, called Zr Clean™. We make it right here at our Atlanta facility and it will get your carpets amazingly clean while killing harmful substances…yet it is safe enough to drink! Nothing cleans more thoroughly than the revolutionary, patented and Green cleaning system of Zerorez. Call us at (770) 242-1313 for a free estimate.

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