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Tile And Grout Cleaning: What Are Some Of The Lesser Known Benefits?

Tile And Grout Cleaning: What Are Some Of The Lesser Known Benefits?

One of the main purposes of having your home's tile surfaces cleaned is so that a dull floor or space can appear to look new once again. Using natural alternatives such as Zr Clean™️ from ZEROREZ® can help safely restore a floor's appearance and leave behind no harsh chemical residue. While having a gorgeous looking floor is your main goal, there are other less obvious benefits of using ZEROREZ® for overall tile and grout cleaning.

Improving Air Quality

Every time that you purchase tile and grout cleaners from a home improvement store or retailer to clean your floor, you're only providing a temporary fix. Not only that, these cleaners contain harmful chemicals and inactive ingredients that can remain airborne long after they've been used. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are commonly found in many tile and grout cleaners. They can suspend themselves in the air and your family can breathe in these chemicals long after your floors have been cleaned. Using a patented all-natural cleaning solution, ZEROREZ® cleans your tile and grout and improves the air quality in your home. This eliminates the exposure to human health hazards that many other cleaning products or services may produce.

Removing Hidden Mold

One thing you may not be able to visibly see is the buildup of mold and mildew below the surface of your flooring. ZEROREZ® tile and grout cleaning solution targets harmful substances that lead to mold growth. Not only does this help eliminate mold and moisture issues, it can also help prevent mold growth in the future. ZEROREZ® uses a powerful extraction wand to remove the Zr Clean™️ cleaning solution and other hidden debris in your tile floor.

Cleaning Hidden Spaces

Most of the time, after a good self-scrubbing, your floors always look and appear clean. But keep in mind that there may be some small nooks and crannies that easily get overlooked. These areas include:

  • Tight corners between the floor and baseboard
  • Closet areas
  • Areas underneath oriental or area rugs
  • Underneath doorway trim or molding

Missing these key areas in your home can lead to an overall discoloration of your tile flooring. It can also harbor bacteria and germs that can trigger an allergic response with some people. A ZEROREZ® pro will thoroughly inspect your home and target some hidden places that may have been overlooked in the past. The result will be a clean floor that is odor free.

Improves Flooring Longevity

Over time, using floor cleaning products repeatedly can lead to a buildup of residue. This can actually make old stains resurface easier and it can dull the luster of your tile floor. A ZEROREZ® pro will begin by targeting stubborn stains and then tackle the entire floor as well as grout areas to help make sure there is no dirt or soil left behind. The floors are then carefully buffed and sealed with Nano-Tech sealer to lock-in a long-lasting shine.

There are many components that go into effectively cleaning tile and grout. If you want to restore the tile flooring in your Alpharetta home, call ZEROREZ® today.

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