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Importance Of Air Duct Office Cleaning In Your Commercial Office

Importance Of Air Duct Office Cleaning In Your Commercial Office

While your commercial business is prospering and growing by leaps and bounds, it's easy to let things that aren't a priority go to the wayside. One thing you should always put first is making sure that your employees are breathing in clean air in a safe and clean work environment. Chemicals, construction debris and toxins can easily be transferred from the outside and adjacent work areas to the office through your building's air duct system. In some cases, this may make people sick. Here are a few advantages to air duct office cleaning and having your building's air ducts professionally cleaned by a ZEROREZ® professional.

Reduces Mold and Mildew Growth

Changes in air temperature can cause condensation on interior walls and surfaces, especially in areas that are difficult to heat and cool. Over time, this condensation can harbor mold growth and create distressed breathing and coughing among individuals sensitive to it when they breathe in the air. Severe mold problems can make people very ill if they come in contact with it. Also, if you've had a leaky roof or recent flood, mold can also begin to grow in damp areas. Even long after you've replaced damaged walls and carpet, your air ducts may still disperse hidden mold spores into the air. The pros at ZEROREZ® can come out and thoroughly inspect your air ducts for mold. They'll use a patented Zr Clean™️ solution to remove mold within your air ducts, carpet and tile flooring. Then they will seal the surfaces to prevent mold regrowth.

Combats Seasonal Allergies

If any of your employees suffer from seasonal allergies, not only will they feel sluggish at work but they may also miss a lot of work due to being sick. This isn't a productive environment for them and your business can lose money. Having your commercial business's air ducts cleaned by ZEROREZ® can help fight allergies because pollen and dust particles will be removed in the process and the affected area will become sanitized and more conducive to a safe work environment.

Eliminates Odors

Having the air ducts cleaned in your building does more than just remove unwanted dust, dirt and waste particles that flow through the air. The professional technicians at ZEROREZ® use their Zr Clean™️ formula to break down the molecular bonds that create troublesome odors. This helps to improve the overall air quality within the entire building and reduces the chances of your employees getting sick from strange and unsettling odors that may linger in the air.

Removes Rodent and Bug Debris

No matter how clean your building is, bugs and rodents may still flock to your building's air ducts because of the warm environment. You may not even notice these pesky critters until they die and begin to release odorous gasses into the air that your employees breathe in. Air duct office cleaning will eliminate any of these invaders along with the droppings they leave behind. The result is a cleaner air and a more pleasant work environment for everyone.

Keeping employees happy and healthy begins with a clean and fresh work environment. Call ZEROREZ® today to help upgrade the air in your Atlanta area workplace.

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