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How to Make Your Home Happier

How to Make Your Home Happier

As the fall and winter seasons approach, it's time to check in with your home. When temperatures drop, it's natural for us to be at home more often. But what if your home isn't your happy place? Maybe it's cluttered or messy. Maybe it's new and feels barren. We have come up with some simple ways to make your home a happy home.

Starting Simple

Chores aren't the most exciting way to uplevel the happiness of your home, but they might be the most important. Chores are all about mindset. Think of your to-do list as something you get to do, not something you have to do. If you can put a fun spin on cleaning your home, you will quickly find that your stress levels will decrease, and your happiness will skyrocket.


Home decor is a simple way to immediately improve the happiness of your home. Empty walls can leave us feeling lonely and cold. Adding some bright, happy decor to the walls will bring the space together. Consider putting pictures of people you love up on the walls or quotes that brighten your day.

Host Parties

Making memories in your home is a wonderful way to create a happier space. Have people over who bring you joy, and create lasting memories that you can think back on to make your home feel cozier.

Maximize Light

Especially during the colder months, it's important to embrace natural light. When daylight is limited, making the most of it can keep your happiness levels up higher, combatting a bit of seasonal depression. Instead of relying on your lamps, ditch the shades and opt for sheer curtains to help your home come alive. The natural light is a great way to boost your vitamin D levels, and can even help your sleep patterns by keeping your circadian rhythm in check.

Add Greenery

Keeping natural light up in your home makes it the perfect place to house plants. Adding houseplants into your home decor is proven to boost your happiness. Plants absorb invisible pollutants in your home to deliver you with better air quality. This will help you to become healthier and give you something happy to focus on in the fall and winter.

Morning Routine

Starting your day with a morning routine will help you to get better acquainted with your home and yourself. Creating a routine can allow you to embrace your space. Making your bed, general tidying, and sitting in a quiet corner of your home will help you to connect to the space you are in. As you find yourself spending more time inside, it's important to make it comfortable. Establishing a morning routine that involves your home is an easy start to cultivating a good relationship with your house.

Creating a happier place to spend your time is simple. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, and checking in with your mindset is a great way to quickly create your happy place for fall and winter.