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How Tile and Grout Sealing Will Benefit You

How Tile and Grout Sealing Will Benefit You

When you have your tile and grout professionally cleaned, you are sure that you have a deep down clean.

The Zerorez® Zr Clean™ process makes sure that no dirt, debris or mold remains trapped in porous grout.

Wouldn't it be nice to keep that clean for a longer period of time?

You can, with Zerorez® Nano-Tech sealing.

Learn about the many ways tile and grout sealing benefits you.

Why do You Need Nano-Tech Tile and Grout Sealing?

Once your tile and grout has been cleaned with the Zerorez® Zr Clean™ process, the proprietary Nano-Tech surface sealer is applied. This sealant layer prevents soils and stains from sticking to your grout and tile. While most types of tile have some layer of protection, grout does not.

Grout is a substance that falls somewhere in between concrete and mortar. This masonry product holds your tiles in place. It is a porous material, which means it has small holes or pores in the surface that provides places for debris to accumulate. Even the protective layer on tile will wear down over time, simply from cleaning and everyday use.

Reduce Your Work

Sealing your tile and grout will reduce your cleaning by up to 50 percent. Sealing the surface means that you can easily wipe away dirt and debris without resorting to heavy scrubbing with harsh chemicals. The smooth surface provided by the Nano-Tech surface sealer makes cleaning a breeze. Debris has no place to hide.

Keep Debris and Mold Out of Your Grout

Sealed tile and grout will not absorb debris the way unsealed grout and tile can. Think of it in the same way you might think of sealing wood flooring or an outdoor deck. If it is sealed, all the dirt and grime cannot penetrate the surface and find places to take up residence.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold can grow anywhere. However, mold does like moist environments and your kitchen and bathroom areas provide a great climate. Once mold gets attached to surfaces in your home, evicting is not always an easy process. Tile and grout sealing will prevent this love affair.

Keep Your Investment Beautiful

You have an investment in your Sandy Springs home. Having tile work installed is not inexpensive. You want to maximize the investment you have made and preserve the beauty. Sealed tile and grout resists staining and discoloration. You do not risk damaging the surfaces with chemicals or abrasive products.

You also can save money by protecting the life span of your tile and grout through the sealing process. Constantly scrubbing or using bleach and other products will wear down the bond provided by the grout. The grout simply wears away. Digging out old grout and replacing it is expensive and time consuming.

If you want to keep debris and mold out of your grout, contact Zerorez® today.

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