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Did you know Dirt Particles will Cut and Abrade Carpet Fibers?

Did you know Dirt Particles will Cut and Abrade Carpet Fibers?

Dirt in a carpet is not only unsightly, it also causes structural damage to the carpet. Believe it or not, common dirt contains very coarse and gritty particles, such as minute rock fragments and grains of sand. When the carpet is walked upon, these hard granules are ground against the carpet fibers.

This abrasive rubbing not only wears away at your carpet's stain-resistance, it also cuts and scrapes the fibers, causing them to permanently fray. Needless to say, this deteriorates the appearance and physical structure of your carpet.

What Can be Done to Prevent Premature Wear?

1) Vacuum Regularly - carpets should be vacuumed at least once a week…and even more often in heavy traffic areas. Frequent vacuuming removes much of the gritty dirt particles on the surface of the carpet, before they settle deeper and start abrading the fibers.

2) Place Mats at Entrances - mats will reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into your home. The mats collect and trap the dirt, helping to protect your carpets from soiling and premature wear.

3) Remove Your Shoes - a lot of dirt and grit tracks into our homes via the shoes we wear. Removing your shoes before walking on the carpet will go a long way toward keeping the carpet cleaner. Reducing shoe traffic also helps prevent permanent wear patterns on your carpet.

4) Schedule a Professional Cleaning - even if you vacuum regularly, it is recommended that a professional cleaning be performed on your carpet every 12 to 18 months. This will remove the deep dirt that a household vacuum cannot reach.

Protect Your Carpet Investment…Call Zerorez

Let's face it, your carpet is harmed most by what you can't see…the abrasive grit down deep. You need an experienced and reputable carpet cleaning company to thoroughly remove these destructive particles. And when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, Zerorez is the industry leader.

The exclusive cleaning method of Zerorez not only removes deeply embedded dirt, it also cleans your carpet. In addition, our patented cleaning solution - Zr Clean™ - is very fast drying, environmentally safe and completely residue free!

Don't allow deep dirt to wear away at your carpet. After all, your carpet represents a sizeable monetary investment. Protect your investment by contacting Zerorez of Atlanta today. Give us a call at (770) 242-1313 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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