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Carpet Shrinking: Why It Happens and How You Can Avoid It

Carpet Shrinking: Why It Happens and How You Can Avoid It

It may sound like a nightmare from a different era, but you actually run the risk of having your carpets shrink when you get them cleaned. As with so many other aspects of home care, the problem is avoidable when you hire the right people for the job. Here is why carpet shrinking occurs and how you can avoid it.

Causes of Shrinkage

Every carpet has unique characteristics that rug professionals will note before beginning a cleaning. If you find your rugs have shrunk after a cleaning, it's likely the company did not do its job properly. Here are the main causes of shrinkage during cleaning.

  • Cleaning water was too hot. Conventional steam cleaners use a combination of hot water and shampoos to clean rugs. While this system might sound great for removing dirt, it creates as many problems as it solves. For example, water that is too hot can cause carpet fibers to shrink. The residue left behind is another problem with steam cleaning, though unrelated to shrinking.
  • Carpet shrinking with natural fibers. Today's carpets are made of mostly synthetic fibers, but in the past, natural fibers were commonly used. Cleaning companies that did not take note of these fibers would leave homeowners with shrunken carpets. Every rug has unique characteristics and a special condition, so make sure the carpet cleaning company you hire has a reputation as an expert in the field.
  • Excessive soaking. Excessive soaking of a carpet is the most common cause of shrinkage. Deep stains may pose problems for some cleaning companies, and they will try to remove them by prolonging the cleaning process or using more soap and water. Too much water can cause shrinking, even with synthetic materials like nylon when the moisture removal system is handled poorly.

How to Avoid Carpet Shrinking

Every carpet cleaning service around the Atlanta area may seem the same, but that only applies to steam cleaners. On top of the risk of shrinkage you face with hot water and shampoos hitting rugs in high volumes, you also face issues with the residue left behind by soapy water. The solution is cleaning rugs with a technique that doesn't threaten to shrink the material or allow soils to return so quickly.

With the ZEROREZ® cleaning system, Zr Clean™ is the main agent for dirt and soil removal. Low-pressure sprays combined with advanced wicking action in the cleaning tools delivers a result that was awarded Platinum Certification by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Since hot, soapy water never hits your carpet in the ZEROREZ® method, you don't risk your carpet shrinking or any of the other problems associated with steam cleaners.

ZEROREZ® of Atlanta only employs skilled carpet technicians to deliver advanced cleaning to Atlanta-area homes. For rug cleaning that's as safe for children as it is for carpets, ZEROREZ® is the choice to make.

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