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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets and furry animals are cute and loving. Some are cuddly, and some are playful. For many pet owners, these furry friends are quite literally additional members of the family. However, when you have a dog or a cat, keeping your carpet clean can be a pretty difficult task. Needless to say, animals can be considerably messy!

The Difficulty of Keeping Carpet Clean With Pets

It is no secret that pets can be messy. The most obvious messes come from biological contaminants like feces, urine, blood, and vomit. Many pets also shed, leaving hair and dandruff all over your carpet. Your furry companion can track in mud and dirt from the outdoors into your carpet as well. Here at Zerorez®, we want to help you have the best of both worlds! It is definitely possible to have a pet and clean carpet simultaneously if you are willing to put in a little extra work.

Pet Stain Concerns


The most common pet stain is urine. After the moisture evaporates, it leaves behind alkaline salt crystals that embed themselves deep into the carpet. The salt crystals react with the oxygen in the air, causing an unpleasant odor. Difficult to remove, and the smell can linger for years if not removed professionally. Other messes like mud or bacteria bring in nasty smells to your carpet as well.


Whatever your pet brings in the home or whenever it does its business on your carpet, there is a high risk of a permanent stain if not taken care of asap. Because carpet and different stains all need to be treated differently and we don't want you to waste money on cleaners that don't work, do not attempt to use a pet stain remover without consulting a Zerorez® professional.

Health concerns

Unclean animals and carpets can turn into a real health concern. Carpet that has not been cleaned regularly can quickly become a hotbed for harmful germs and bacteria.

Cleaner Pet Equals Cleaner Carpet

If you are in the market for a pet for your home, you have many options. It is important to find a furry friend that has a personality that works for your family. Additionally, if you are prioritizing your carpets, it will be helpful to focus on animal breeds that are smart and clean. Smarter dogs are easier to train, thus making it easier to potty train! Potty trained dogs are the best for your carpet! Another thing to keep in mind is shedding. Longer haired cats and dogs trap more bacteria in their fur and they shed more. Clean dogs tend to shed less and make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your home clean.

If you already have a dog but want to focus on having a cleaner carpet, take them to the groomers for trims regularly. Dogs can be given baths often or taken to the groomers to keep them clean. Both cats and dogs should be brushed several times a week to stay clear of snarls and reduce shedding. Wipe and clean paws and claws, to avoid tracking anything through your carpet. If you are wanting to get very serious, you can train dogs to stay off of your carpet entirely.

Pet Carpet Cleaner

The best thing you can do for your carpet when you have a pet is to hire professional carpet cleaning services that know how to properly treat your pet stain. Zerorez® Atlanta has mastered an effective process to clean carpet and treat stains- especially pet stains! Zerorez® cleans with Zr Clean™️, an effective cleaning solution made of electrolyzed and oxidized water. It is the best carpet cleaner! It leaves behind Zero Residue®, which is safe for all pets! Schedule an appointment today to get clean carpets!