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Air Duct Cleaning: The Benefits of a Truck-Mounted Vacuum

Air Duct Cleaning: The Benefits of a Truck-Mounted Vacuum

One of the key components of a professional air duct cleaning procedure is the vacuum unit. During the cleaning, the vacuum unit is what draws the dust, dirt, and dislodged debris out of your air ducts.

When comparing companies that offer air duct cleaning services, you will likely have a choice between a company that uses a Portable vacuum system and a company that uses a Truck-Mounted vacuum system.

As the name implies, a portable vacuum system is relatively small and easy to transport. As such, it will be brought inside your home or office and moved from room to room as needed to assist with the cleaning procedure. Conversely, a truck-mounted system is much larger and it will remain outdoors during the cleaning procedure.

So, which system does a better job? Well, there are actually several distinct benefits to using a truck-mounted vacuum system for cleaning your air ducts. These include Superior Power, Larger Hose Diameter, and Better Debris Containment.

Superior Power

If you want your ducts to be truly clean, a truck-mounted vacuum system is far superior to any other type of vacuum system. In fact, it is many times more powerful than a portable vacuum unit. After all, these large and robust trucks are specially made for one purpose: efficient and effective air duct cleaning. As a result, the suction from a truck-mounted vacuum unit can draw tens of thousands of cubic feet of air per minute. This incredibly powerful suction swiftly pulls all of the contaminants and dislodged debris out of the ductwork. By contrast, many portable air duct cleaners can only draw a few thousand cubic feet of air per minute.

Larger Hose Diameter

You might be surprised at some of the things that are found within air ducts. Toys, balls, clothing, trash, and drink containers are common finds. Also, pieces of drywall, wood scraps, tools, and other construction-related debris often make their way inside. Even rodents and other animals can crawl into the ducts and expire. Fortunately, a truck-mounted vacuum hose usually has a diameter of 8" to 12". So it can easily remove anything that could fit within an air duct system. On the other hand, the hose of a portable vacuum is much smaller in diameter and therefore prone to clogging on bulky objects.

Better Debris Containment

Another major benefit of a truck-mounted vacuum system is that all the dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants are instantly whisked out of your home or office. However, because a portable unit is brought inside your building, the harmful pollutants drawn into the vacuum will remain indoors until the technician leaves. This means if the portable unit leaks or spills, or has an ineffective filter, pollutants can inadvertently be released back into your living environment.

Insist on the Zerorez Duct Truck!

Your Atlanta-area Zerorez uses the most effective air duct cleaning system available. In fact, our powerful "Duct Truck" vacuum draws over 30,000 cubic feet of air per minute, rapidly whisking all dust, debris and other ductwork pollutants out of your home or office. This eliminates any chance of uncontained particles from being released into your living space during the cleaning procedure.

Once the cleaning is complete, we then mist our patented Zr Clean™ through your entire duct system to eliminate harmful substances…while releasing ZERO toxins! This is a Zerorez exclusive.

Don't settle for an inferior duct cleaning. Contact Zerorez Atlanta today at (770) 242-1313 to harness the most powerful air duct cleaning system in the country. You may also schedule an air duct cleaning right now by clicking here.

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