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5 Benefits a Rug Pad Will Deliver in Your Home

5 Benefits a Rug Pad Will Deliver in Your Home

While there are seemingly endless options for area rugs, they all present challenges homeowners don’t face with whole-home carpeting. You may notice the difference in maintenance and carpet wear, but safety factors also exist with Oriental rugs and other types of area rugs. However, a rug pad helps you avoid many of these issues. Here’s how.

1. Preventing Slips and Falls

If a rug is not held down by a coffee table or other piece of large furniture, it presents a safety risk for you and your family in the way of slips and falls. Pads underneath the rug eliminate that slippery aspect of rugs so there is no give when walking on top of the carpet in your home. To get it right, make sure you match the pad to the type of rug. Pads made for tile, linoleum, or wood floors should only be used on those surfaces.

2. Providing Protection for the Rug

Dirt particles wear away a rug’s fabric over time. Debris that is trapped between a rug and the floor will tear into a carpet’s materials when footsteps create pressure, which will create traffic lanes and limit a rug’s life span. Padding beneath a rug provides protection against this damage and helps you maintain the value of your investment.

3. Helping with Cleaning

It is challenging to keep rugs looking great between professional cleanings. Another benefit of pads is they allow for more efficient vacuuming by providing a space for air to flow between carpet and floor. Vacuums work better when air flows underneath the rug, which allows you to remove dirt and debris that can damage the fabric. Naturally, solid pads don’t provide this benefit, but carpet pads with air holes do.

4. Adding Extra Cushion

While some of the benefits to padding a rug are subtle, the extra cushion padding provides is obvious. You will feel the effect in every step you take over your area rugs. You can feel confident the pads are protecting your rugs and allowing for safer conditions, but walking with the extra cushion will allow you to enjoy the functionality of rugs more than ever.

5. Helping Prevent Floor Stains

The tints and dyes in area rugs can wear off on the floor below after years of wear. A pad provides a barrier between the rug and floor surface, which keeps a wood floor its original color longer. Pads will also provide protection against spilled liquids when you have a solid (not porous) pad in place.

A rug pad provides many benefits to homeowners who want the best for carpeting. For the greenest carpet care and expert Oriental rug cleaning, let ZEROREZĀ® of Atlanta handle the job for you.

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